Sunday, January 15, 2012

Paris Part 1

We had a great breakfast at this Parisian cafe near the Parliament area.
Service was impeccable.
But such wonderful service is very much uncommon in Paris.
Most of the restaurants we visited had rather snobbish waiters.

Notre Dame
Beautiful gothic-styled church, with its high flying buttress and stained-glass panels.

Mum and I ^^
.On the way to the Palace of Versailles

Day and Night view of the entrance to the Palace of Versailles

Hall of Mirrors

The interior of the Palace.
A truly magnificent place with lots of sculptures, paintings and architectural details.

Grand canal in the Palace of Versailles.
The area is really huge.
It takes about 20 minutes to walk from the Palace to the start of the Grand canal.

Restaurants along the entrance to the Marie Antoinette Estate.
We didn't manage to visit the Estate and Trinon Palace because it was almost closing by then.
It's another 20 minutes walk from the Grand canal to the Estate.
We spent about 3 hours at the Palace, from 3-6pm.
For those of you who wants to visit the entire Palace,
you should give yourself at least half a day there.

Graffiti on the wall in the Metro station.
Christmas Market along Champs-Elysees ^^
The warm giant sausage bun was super tasty, especially during winter time.
I don't really know what I was eating honestly because I couldn't read or speak French,
and the stall owner simply refuse to communicate in English even though he could.
I just had to point at what I wanted in the end.

More photos from Paris coming up next...

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