Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Adore her style!!
I love her beige and black combination (my favorite!), her bag, shoes and OTT necklace.
Everything looks so chic on her, and look at those legs. Wow!

However, I must say that I am not the biggest fan of the Celine Mini Luggage.
Firstly, it is gradually becoming too common in Singapore.
But more importantly, it is quite heavy, even prior to putting anything into the bag.

If given a choice, I would definitely choose the Celine Phantom (above).
I like its very distinctive design, with a more obvious 'wing' at the side.
Not to mention, the new designs with a contrasting trim is very cute too.

I would like to say that it's a very understated bag, and yes, in some ways it is;
It does not have a huge and tacky logo on it, nor does it have any sort of monogram prints.
But if I were to be more honest, it is certainly not a low-key bag.
As my friend would put it, it's one of those "look-at-me" bag.
And I like that.
Why pretend to be subtle when you can flaunt it?

It's no big surprise that fashion trends come and go.
If not, what excuses do we make to buy yet another overpriced bag?

Even though the mini luggage and phantom are considered 'it' bags now,
I'm sure it will start losing its popularity in a few years,
most probably to a newer 'it' bag.

Like many people, I love classic bags.
But I tend to choose pieces in uncommon colors as I hate having what others do.

The Celine Box might just be the perfect bag for me.
It's basically a 2-in-1 bag - a chic clutch and a practical sling bag.
I like the idea that I will still be able to use it in even in my 40s.
It's one of those classy and timeless bags.

Now, this is what I would consider to be truly understated.
No logo, minimalistic design & excellent craftsmanship.

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