Thursday, January 12, 2012


A section of the original painting depicting Northern Song China

The painting of Northern Song China coming alive through a 128m long screen.
This exhibition premiered at China's world expo last year.

Very detailed portrayal of people's daily lives during Song Dynasty.
There are over 500 different characters in the painting that are made to come alive.

The exhibition shows both daytime and night time and the transition was fantastic.
You can see the difference above in day and night time for the same section of the painting.
The day time portrayal follows the original painting very closely.
However, the portrayal of night time activities was based mostly on studies about Song China,
since the original painting only depicts the scene during the day.
Another thing that fascinates me is the wine house/restaurant in Song China.
The locals recognize these wine houses by their unique architecture.
Most wine houses will have this rather strange looking bamboo structure on top of their entrance, and some of them these structure are rather elaborate too.

This exhibition is definitely worth the trip down to Singapore Expo.
Ticket cost about $20.


Priyanka said...

OMG the Song dynasty painting exhibit looks amazing. I wish I had made it there when I was in SG. I know very little about Chinese history and this would have been awesome.

Christopher said...

Yah it was pretty awesome. I'm sure they will have it at different countries soon, maybe even in the states.