Monday, January 9, 2012

London Part II

Change of guards parade at Buckingham Palace

We saw Camden market online and thought this was it.
It turned out to be a place with really low quality goods.

Starbucks with a really nice view of the river.

I guess this was what people online were referring to when they mentioned 'Camden Market'.
The stalls here sell some really unique handicrafts.

I actually found a bubble tea shop at Camden Lock Market. ^^

Cute chairs made out of scooter seats.

Night view of Camden Market area.

Oxford Street.
It was quite late when we went there but we still made it to Selfridges, Primark, Topman and a few others.

The day ended at Westfield. Great place to shop.
I bought a pair of grey suede boots as my old pair of sneakers was killing my feet.

We had a great dinner at this cafe in Westfield.
Finally got to rest after a day of shopping.

Windsor Castle

The view from the castle was simply magnificent.
We left the castle a little later than scheduled so didn't manage to see the stonehenge.

King's Cross Station.
That's the platform that Harry Potter and his friends board the train to Hogwarts.
However, it's no longer inside the train station but shifted out.
Look at where it is actually located. It's just a tiny shack outside the station.

We were on our way to board the train to Paris, so I will upload more photos from Paris asap.

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