Monday, January 9, 2012

My very first CHANEL

Chanel lambskin wallet in Turquoise

After searching for a long time, I finally found the perfect wallet for myself.
I first saw it when I was transiting at Dubai airport, and I thought the color was
absolutely amazing.
I've always preferred things that are less common, even a little weird sometimes,
and this is exactly what I have been searching for a while now.
A seasonal color in a classic design.

I also saw another grayish stone-colored matte calfskin wallet that I like,
but I felt that it was too prone to scratches and I would be too afraid to use it.
Initially I wanted a wallet in Caviar leather as it is more durable and less prone to scratches,
but on the other hand, lambskin is so soft and supply.
Decided to get this in the end as I didn't like any of the colors in caviar leather.
Hopefully it will last me a long time, until the next great wallet come along at least.

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