Wednesday, December 28, 2011

London Day 1 & 2

Dinner at Sky@57

Transit at Dubai Airport

London Day 1

First ride on the tube, with 2 luggages =(

Our serviced apartment at Bayswater

First meal after arrival, near our apartment

Buckingham Palace


London Day 2

Wonderful breakfast ^^

Westminister Abbey

Protest campers outside St Paul Cathedral, lots of them

Super tiny passageway to the top of the cathedral.
It was a LONG way up.

Fantastic view from the top of St Paul cathedral

I love the food at this chain restaurant.
It's one of those healthy asian-fusion cuisine.

Had a wonderful guided tour at the Shakespeare's theater.
The stage is open-air.

Nice stroll down the cobbled streets of London.

Took the river cruise to see the Tower Bridge.

FYI: This is the actual London Bridge (the one in the children's song)
Not very impressive isn't it?
Most people, including myself, often mistaken the Tower Bridge for London Bridge.

Ended the day by catching Wicked at Victoria concert hall.
It was absolutely FABULOUS!

Stay tuned for more pictures from my trip!

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