Thursday, February 7, 2008


I thought I would be able to produce some photos of my trip today but somehow I found out that the camera battery wasn't charged this morning even though I tried to charge it the night before.
It's almost 12 now and I just came home..

My CNY is getting more relax as the years go by. Visited the waterloo street temple in the morning where the crowded is simply insane. Still, we manage to get in to offer our prayers., albeit having ashes all over our hair and clothings.

Went to my great-grandma's place before heading to 2 of my uncles house. The first uncle's house was the place for food, with yusheng and steamboat, whereas my 3rd uncle's place is the 'casino' where all my relatives and my cousin's friends would gather for mahjong or blackjack.

There's alot of kids this year at my 3rd uncle's place.. with the kids of my cousin's friends and also my niece and nephews. I've got one more nephew this year which I met for the first time. A malay and chinese eurasian baby.

Some kids are cuter than others I must say and some are just more appealing, generally the cute and cheerful ones. I must say I'm really not the sort who love playing with kids. I really don't understand why almost everyone I know love playing with kids or find every kid so adorable. Am I weird? I wouldn't think so. I do find some kids cute, but some are just plain annoying; and I don't find the need to patronise them.

Well.. with that, I must say most of my nephews and niece are really cute, at least looks wise. =)

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