Saturday, February 9, 2008

On the 2nd day of CNY, went over to my grandma's place for lunch and then headed home to change before going to my 2nd uncle's place. His dogs are so cute, too bad I didn't bring my camera along.
As usual, I stuffed myself with pineapple tarts while I was at his house. Went to catch the Jack Neo show with my family, then I went to Marina Sq to have dinner.

Saw a nice polo from Zara but there wasn't any piece left for my size; Shawn bought a couple of pieces there though.. He went off to meet his church friends so I decided to go home too. But I was home too early, thus, went out again for coffee till 11+. My parents and my bro was playing mahjong when I got home. Thought I could join them but they decided to call it a night after I finish showering.

Anyway, gonna be going to town to watch CJ7 later. I'm quite hungry now but G can only meet at 3. Think I'll go dig up some food at home first.
Have to rush to Coronation Plaza later to for dinner at 8. I guess I wouldn't have to rush if I get a ride from G. lol...

Off to find my ba gua and pineapple tarts. I've yet to eat a single piece of ba gua at home. No idea where my mum hid them.. hmph !!

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