Saturday, December 22, 2007

Was out shopping for more Christmas gifts yesterday with Ws. We went to City Hall area to shop and had dinner at Soup Spoon. It was fully packed as usual and we manage to get a rather inconsiderate couple to leave their seats by standing very near them making them feel uneasy. Yes, pls leave if u're done, can't u see there r people waiting? It's true, if u wanna have a nice chitchat, either u find a nice and deserted cafe, an oh-so-expensive restaurant, or u can also simply ignore us. But most people can't handle the third one though and it's not advisable to do so.

Gonna be going out with them again later on since I probably won't be seeing them on Christmas Eve. I have one more present to buy and I'm already over my initial budget. I'll allow myself another 80 bucks for this last gift.

Downloaded a couple of songs into my Ipod, like Inconsolable(so what if it's by BSB) and I'll stand by you.

Still watching Heroes Season 2 and it just gets better..
Half an hour more to the show I wanna watch on Tv. I'm such an addict 'cause that show is a classic and it's kinda funny as well. Retro, I would say.

Where should we go for dinner later, that is the question for now...

OoOoo... Yah, I just changed my tagboard to something that actualy works. The server of the old tagboard has been down for quite a while, but I was just too lazy to find a new server.
So, there you have it.. !!

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