Friday, December 21, 2007

It's a rather unproductive day..

Don't really wish to waste my time during this much anticipated week-long leave.
And by wasting my time I mean staying at home not knowing what to do.
It's not that I don't like to stay home; I do, when I have something I wish to do or rather when I wish not to do anything but just relax with a trashy mag and junk food.

Thought of having dinner outside with a friend at Holland V but didn't go in the end 'cause my friend wasn't available at the last minute.

Well.. I wasn't very much in the mood to go out by then anyway.

On a higher note, I watched quite a couple of movies I wanted, like The Golden Compass, Good Luck Chuck, Heartbreak Kid etc...

It's just the beginning of my 'vacation' and I hope to enjoy it. Christmas would probably be a highlight, or I may not be. I'm not too sure yet now. I've realise having too much anticipation would only lead to greater disappointment.

It's getting kinda late now and I'm gonna go seek solace in one of my trashy magazines.

I'm just getting started watching the 2nd season of Heroes. Probably would continue tomorrow if my brother leaves his MacBook at home 'cause the com's sound card is spoilt.

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