Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas is indeed the time for presents and parties...

Received many nice gifts this year, from a cute watch to the stereo teddy bear to cookies and chocolates..

We went Sabai, the thai fine dining place, at NAC for dinner. It wasn't that much of a fine dining after all. Quite a shame.
After that we proceed on to join in the crowd for Christmas countdown. The crowd was scarily packed with barricades collapsing and people falling down amidst the rowdy foam-spraying crowd.

Wanted to head to MOS initially after that countdown but we went elsewhere to party instead 'cause Shawn's friend who wanted to join us at MOS was held up at his relatives' place.

I'm rather broke now after buying all those X'mas gifts but I guess it's all worth it. Just hope that Payday would come sooner.

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