Monday, December 17, 2007

Trying to type in the dark on my bed using my brother's Macbook.

It's been a while since I wrote 'cause I've been too busy to upload any photos or anything about my life. Have neglected my camera for quite a while 'cause it just doesn't catch my attention by lying in the mess in my cupboard, thus, no photos.

Lets recap a little...

Have been on leave since last thursday. Stayed over till friday at Shawn's place. Kinda turning his house into mine, filling his fridge with my junk food and even trying to call Starhub to subcribe the entertainment channel group on scv for him so I can watch. Lol..

Was out shopping during thursday and friday for X'mas gift. Met Ben and Trevor for dinner at Waraku, then headed for town to walk around so we don't feel so bloated.

Big mistake as we head into NAC and saw that Guess was on 50% off with additional 10% for UOB cards. That makes it almost 60% !! How could we resist?

Ben and I squeezed our way into the store and immediately tried to search for something nice among the crowd. Didn't plan to buy anything initially (yes, I was just there flipping through the clothes for fun), till I got bored and started browsing through the jeans. Came across this black slightly stonewashed jeans. It was 28". And yes, I wear 28. (or 30" if I really like it).
It fitted really well and it's hard to come by something like that. It cost $330 or something, couldn't hear understand the China girl's English accent. It came to $150 after discount though, so I bought it. =)

Ben tried on 2 pairs and bought one of them in the end at about $130. It's quite a steal I would say, even though I wouldn't have bought it if it wasn't on sale. I could have gotten a G-star denim. I'm a label whore. But again, designer jeans are truly different, be it the look,trim or fit.

Went to catch 'Warlords' on Saturday with Yg & Ws before having dinner at soup spoon because Yg was craving for it since Friday. Had to rush through dinner 'cause we were obviously late for the concert at the Singapore Arts Museum.

The journey there was horrible, we boarded the bus at heerens and it took us more than 15 minutes to reach the next bus stop. We alighted at the next stop thinking it would be faster to walk to the museum. Another wrong move, but we had no choice so we just did a mad rush to what we thought was the S.A.M. It turns out that that was the National Museum of Singapore. Luckily the S.A.M wasn't too far away from it and we made it just in time to be seated for the start of the concert.

The concert was rather fascinating, with wonderful solo performances from Alison, Yinsing and some others. It's definitely the first time I see my friends perform solo on such occasions. The performance was shorter than I expected though, lasting about an hour.
Junhan, Junguan and Cuijing were also there. Did some catching up and took some photos before we left.

Yg suggested that we go to The Loft to chill, but we only stayed there for 15 minutes and left for Holland V. We hang out at Olio till 1.. I must say that it's a rather deserted or very quiet cafe with very bad business.

Did nothing much today, stayed home to relax, use the com, watch star awards.
Haha.. Jeanette Aw, Fiona Xie, Dawn Yeo and Joanne Peh went home empty handed despite being part of the '7 princesses' of Mediacorp. I'm sure this would take up a few pages in the next issue of 8 days. =)

Not sure what to do tomorrow.. maybe I'll go shopping for x'mas present or I'll just chill somewhere.

It's late now. Shall go sleep... Nite

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