Monday, December 3, 2007

To be with a man, you must understand him, not love him.

To be with a woman, you must love her, not try to understand her.

Watched quite a couple of DVDs this week. From classic movies like which I love like "Pretty Woman", to "High School Musical 2", even chick flicks like "NY minute" by the Olsen twins. Kinda bored sometimes during the day 'cause everyone's busy.

On leave till tomorrow and I'll be back in that dreaded places again, luckily for only another 2 days. But 2 days is exhausting enough.. The lost of freedom, to be stuck with some people you don't exactly wanna face from 8 to 6, that's not exactly something to be looking forward to when you wake up everyday. Thus I'll always try to stay in bed 'cause there's no reason to be awake in camp.

Glad it's the end of the year where we are clearing our leave, so I still can get away from camp for a couple of days a week. Duty's gonna start and my friends would all not be around most of the time again. Trevor is posted out, ben is on long term mc, gerald is in India, CC will be on duty, which leaves me being rather alone.

Oh.. What am I gonna be doing alone tomorrow ??

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