Wednesday, December 26, 2007

In about an hour I'll be booking in again. It's been a week since I've went back to camp. Even after a long break, it still sucks to have to go back to that much dreaded place.

Now that I've finally downgraded, at least for this period, I thought life would be so much better but I guess not, not until I get my posting.

I love my unit now, except for a few annoying people, but I can't stand being in the office without absolutely nothing to do. Yeah, life's great huh.. But having nothing to do is not allowed and that's the problem. I wouldn't complain if I'm allowed to relax and read my book all day, waiting to get off work.

I'm getting more of that 'what-are-you-doing?' or 'I-am-judging-u' look of disdain nowadays, probably all from jealousy, from people who notice that I practically just sit in the office all day hiding my face behind the book.

hMmm.. I guess the grass is always greener on the other side. My friends who were posted to Mindef, which is the place I SO wanna go, told me that it's not that fantastic 'cause he's constantly bombarded with work.

With this in mind, I'll probably try to enjoy my life here in camp and idle my time away in hope that no one notices me everyday, and I'll be that little closer to ORD. I just hope I get posted to be a clerk instead of other trashy pes c vocations.

Please post me out before I have to organise the battery outing in Jan. Pls...

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