Sunday, November 11, 2007

Went to eat at this place I saw on 8days last week..
It's called La Fondue @ Dempsey Rd. There food was great, there's stuff r mostly in a set for 2. There's stuff like cheese fondue and also some grilled platter, something like a high end seoul garden.

And of course there's the thing I went there for - chocolate fondue. The food's fantastic and the ambience was marvelous.. Definitely a place I would go to if I don't bankrupt myself after. The downside is that the food is kinda expensive. Starting from $125 for a set dinner for two.. We took the $150 one, but I must say the portion is quite filling 'cause of the cheese.

Anyway, today is the last day of my long weekend and in an hour's time I'll be heading back to camp sadly. Of course I'm reluctant.. Went out with a few groups of my friends this weekend to do some much needed catching up.

Caught 2 movies over the weekend, Game Plan with Guangliang and gang and Stardust last night with Yg and Ws.
Both were not bad la. Didn't expected much from Game Plan so it's ok. Stardust was the show I wanted to watch all along. It wasn't as stunning as i thought but it was acceptable.. Better than other movies screening now still.

Ordered a new batch of contact lens finally. Trying a new kind for a month to see if it works. =)

I've finally finish watching desperate housewives season 3 over the weekends. Yes, I bought the season 3 box set. =) so happy. Yet to watch the bonus features yet I'm at least I'm done with all 23 episodes. Have been waiting for it to be released in Singapore for a long long time. Couldn't help it but to head down to Borders to grab it off the shelves right after it's out.

Anyway, I'm also done helping my mum load her CDs into her new mp3 player. I have no idea how to use the mp3 at all. It's super irritating. Gave up learning it. She should have told me b4 hand and I'd have told her to get an Ipod instead.

Gonna go pack up and bathe soon before I book in tonight. =(
Went to the mall to get junk food for camp just now... Haha.. Satisfied.

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