Sunday, November 4, 2007

Horror Halloween.. for me !!

Ah... First of all, I am very pissed now 'cause the entry which I typed halfway was erased accidentally. I have no idea what I hit on the keyboard which just cause the page to disappear.

Anyway, What I was trying to say was that I sat through one of the most horrible 100 minutes this year in the movie theatre just yesterday. Wanted to catch Stardust initially but most of the tickets were sold out, thus we ended up watching Halloween. Yes, it's all my fault for succumbing to peer pressure.

I would say that show is absolutely tasteless and gory, and the absence of even an amateurish plot is probably most commendable. How the hell did the script writer do it !!??

If u really wanna know, the movie is basically talking about this little boy ( who looks like a girl by the way ), who grew up in a dysfunctional family - mum's a night club dancer, mum's bf is a good-for-nothing crippled who lazes at home, and a sister's who's pretty much a slut - and the boy kills his family and his sister's bf. He was locked up in a asylum and grew up to be ..... *drum rolls* .... A psychopath !! (No prize of guessing this though) Even a debutante turned psychotic killer would have made the movie seem like it has a little bit of a plot.

The rest of the show was pretty much just a mindless killing spree. It's pretty sad that most of the young actress in the have to show their breasts in order to get some attention or at least make the males in the cinema feel better for wasting their money and time watching this movie.
The movie should just be called " 101 ways a psychopath kills ".

Oh ya, did I mention the psycho killer was strong, despite sitting in a dark cell creating hundred of mask for 15 years. He managed to break the huge chains placed upon him in the asylum and killed everyone inside, suffered multiple shots from a magnum pistol and still can continue to chase after the victims and continue his massacre.

Well, I'm just so glad that we went to Coffee Club at NAC to have dinner before the movie. If not my whole night would have been ruined by that hundred minute of torture. Well, but I may be wrong about the show since I barely watched more than half the show and could still discuss so much about it. It may have some obscure plot hidden beneath all that killing which I failed to see. Just giving my 2 cents worth anyway..

Probably gonna end here and go try to do up my Facebook account, maybe I'll go upload some photos there since shawn says everyone's using it, well, except for me of course.

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