Saturday, November 17, 2007

I feel kinda dizzy now actually. It's a really weird feeling, feel bloated and heavy headed. Yah, like having a hangover, except that I didn't drink last night. Guess it's due to my lack of sleep for the past few days.

Gonna head to town in 20 minutes time to meet Yg and Ws.. I have no idea how I'm gonna walk around town with me feeling so dizzy.

Anyway, I went on a solo shopping spree yesterday while waiting for my friend. Bought a few white tees from Flash N Splash and Esprit. Also got the box set for The OC Season 4 =)

Now I'm waiting for the temp maid to leave my house b4 I can leave...
OooOo.. the thought of seeing my crumpler bag is so exciting.
And Yg told me he wanted to buy something at paragon, something like a toy and I have no idea why is he buying that thing which I don't really know it's name.

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