Saturday, November 24, 2007

It's yet another saturday morning where I'm bored waiting for my friend to get ready so we can go for brunch.
Went to chill and caught a movie at 1.15am last night, or should I say this morning. Stayed over at my friend's place 'cause it was really late. And yes, I don't go home usually at such hours.

Gonna be going home after brunch and probably unpack my stuff before heading out with yg and ws. Not sure where to go today, and ws kindly sent me a sms suggesting stuff like going sentosa for cycling,rollerblading,sun tan or going to airport, expo, or simply walking from JE to I-dont-remember-where taking photos along the way, and lastly eating frog porridge at night. Well, as EXOTIC as he tried to make it sound like, sweating it out for no reason is not my idea of a saturday activity.

I would love to do some mindless sports like cycling or rollerblading or swimming, but neither yg nor ws is good at it. Yes. if u guys are reading this, and by you guys I actually mean yg, lol, please pick up those skills fast k? Shouldn't take very long I guess, many people including myself learnt how to cycle in a day, or in my case, a traumatic night is all I needed. (Something like being pushed down a hill on a bike by your own brother on CNY eve when I was in primary school - I believe it has something to do with him plotting to steal my angbao that year)

Anyway, my friend is finally done. So I guess I'll just wait and see where the guys decide to go later on.

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