Saturday, October 27, 2007

It's been a week...

I guess I will be fine, really glad to have my friends by my side now. Thanks man.
I still do think about it sometimes when I'm alone, but I guess that's only normal for this initial stage.
Should I clear out my memory totally? I don't think so for now. Perhaps I'll keep away all physical objects that would upset me, but the memories will always be with me and I guess it's gonna be an important part of my life. Afterall, it's 2 important years of my life...
I believe there's no regret and I'm glad for the wonderful times I have for that past 2 years.
Hopefully I'll be able to move on quickly and concentrate on what's vital in my life now...

This is probably a chance to prove that I am strong and sensible enough to the right thing.

Anyway, things are still the same in camp. I'm still waiting for an appointment with the Medical Officer. In the meanwhile, things are stagnant in camp, I'm still trying to be as low-profile in camp as possible. I guess being 'invisible' is the key, or rather, try to act busy during office hours.
Gonna accompany Weishan to buy a PSP tomorrow at Sim Lim.. Can't wait to get a new laptop myself 'cause my com's sound card is faulty and it's quite frustrating to use a com that cannot play any sound at all.

Oo... just bought something really nice as well... the newly released
Special Edition 'Transformers' DVD

Haha.. I totally love that show, probably 'cause of Megan Fox. Man, is she hot in the

Ok. Got something else to do.. Shall update more again. ciaoz.

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