Friday, February 3, 2012

Kim Kardashian

Kim & her myriad of Hermes

I love this style the most.
Everything from her leather jacket to her cobalt blue pants to her studded boots, is perfection.
The black hardware Chanel is especially gorgeous!

Kim & her Balenciaga bags

The Kardashian sisters - Kim, Khloe, Kourtney

At the NBA games with their Birkins.

She may be one of the most talked about personality in the States,
with her various reality tv shows and pseudo-marriage to Kris Humphrey.
Yes, I get it that lots of people doesn't approve of her or may even be active haters,
but I really don't see the point of it.

Some feel that she has no real talent, while others hate her overexposure and criticize her less-than-ethical money making ways
Think $17 million of income from a publicity stunt in the form of a really short-lived marriage.
But the thing is, she is neither a singer nor is she a movie star.
So what talent are we really expecting here?
Her job as a reality tv star is to let you know that her life is so much better than yours.
Yes, that's about it.
She can lounge around the pool all day, patronize all the fancy restaurants and attend fabulous parties, all while having buckets of cash rolling her way.
If you are not convinced about it, she makes around $600,000 for club appearances.

I honestly feel that she is someone we all love to hate. It's hard not to.
But what I find more appalling is that some people voice their disapproval of her and the whole media circus surrounding her just to be on a moral high horse.
Stop that hypocritical act you've got going on.
It really doesn't make you a better person because you hate her publicity.

While I am not her biggest fan, and neither do I condone her behavior,
I do like her style, and of course, her choice of bags.
How should I put it?
Hmm... It's FABULOUS!

It's obvious that Kim fancies Hermes, Chanel and Balenciaga,
as she is often photographed toting them around town.
Her collection of Hermes is especially enviable.
One thing for sure, her bags last much longer than all of her relationships & marriages. Ouch!

Bags from the Kardashian Kollection.
Looking a little too familiar aren't they?

I have to agree that the Kardashian sisters have no talent at all,
certainly not in original designs.
Their bag collection is a total rip-off of the designs of various major fashion labels,
from Balenciaga to Chloe to YSL.
They looks cheap; They look like bags from a certain local chain that is now partly owned by LVMH.
I am surprised that they are willing to ruin their brand by producing such near-replicas.

One really interesting thing is that none of the Kardashian sisters were ever photographed carrying bags from their own label.
It's like they wouldn't wanna be caught dead in their own line of bags.
If that's the case, how are they able to convince anyone to buy them at all?

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