Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Lunch @ Au Petit Salut

S and I went to Au Petit Salut for his birthday lunch.
The set lunch was quite worth it, about $40 per person.
It's a 3 course meal and has a pretty good selection of food for each course.

The bread basket was pretty good.
They used to make their own bread, but I read that they get their bread from external bakery.

Tomato with cheese.
Nothing very special about it; Can give it a miss.

Burgundy Escargot.
This was really good; Highly recommended! ^^

Onglet steak with truffle fries.
It's best to have the steak medium or medium-well at most,
otherwise the meat might become too dry and tough.

Pork belly and pork sausage.
The pork belly was very tender, very different from my idea of a pork belly.
It's mainly lean meat, similar to pork cheeks.
The sausage wasn't really to my liking though.

Creme brûlée.
Not too bad and the portion was unusually big for French cuisine.

Choux bun with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce.
Quite average only. It's nice if you enjoy really sweet stuff.

Dinner @ Timbre
Chill out with the guys ^^

Cocktail shooters.
Totally not worth it, there is almost no alcohol in it =(

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