Saturday, November 5, 2011

Balenciaga Spring/Summer 2012

Source: PurseForum

It's the time of the year where all bag lovers can't wait to see the color palette for the Spring/Summer collection of the following year.
Balenciaga once again introduced some exciting colors for Spring/Summer 2012,
and amongst it are some of my favorite, such as Blue Indigo, Gris Poivre and Vert Poker.

Although it is a spring/summer collection, which usually means bright colors,
I am glad that Balenciaga introduced 2 new grey shades - Gris Cement & Gris Poivre -
on top of anthracite which is part of its classic colors.

Another major change to Balenciaga's highly covered motorcycle range of bags is the use of mini-giant hardware - be it palladium, gold or rose gold.
Reviews for it are definitely mixed.
On one hand, it is much lighter, which means we can stash even more junk into our bags.
On the other hand, some feels that the new hardware doesn't quite have the some bling-factor as the original giant hardware.

I am definitely a fan of Balenciaga's giant hardware, but I feel that the new mini-giant hardware looks quite good as well, without the additional weight.

But as they say, fashion works in a cyclical way.
I'm sure Balenciaga will bring back the giant hardware in time to come.

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