Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Saturday - Spent a day in Desaru, Malaysia.

Wasn't very fun I would say. The activities were kinda boring, and so was the tour guide.

Dinner wasn't too bad (mostly seafood), but we were all too full to eat then. 
We had lunch at 1+ and dinner at 5. WTH ! Thanks to the terrible planning of the tour guide.

He brought us to 2 museums during the day, and both of them looked like they're about to close down. Even the tour guide couldn't be bothered to show us around; He just sat outside the museum and waited for us. Nothing really much to see in the museum anyway.

The highlight of the whole trip was seeing the fireflies at night. 
We took a boat to the deeper parts of the forest to see the fireflies.
It was quite a sight I must say. Definitely not like what I imagined or saw on TV. 

Anyway, saw a couple of nice wallets today. So tempted to buy. But I'll probably work and save up a bit first before getting my hands on it. =)

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