Sunday, December 21, 2008

Monday - Met up with my BMT mates on the day we first met and got stuck in the same bunk in Tekong 2 years ago; But this time we're dining at Carousel @ Royal Scotts Plaza instead. 

The food selection was quite wide, especially the desserts.
The seafood was quite good as well, with fresh oysters, salmon, scallops, clams, crabs and a few others.
It's a pity the nicer desserts like macaroons weren't part of the buffet dinner.

Sunday - Just came back from brunch with my grandma and family from Swisshotel @ Merchant Court. The selection of food was quite good as well. For 46++ I would say it's quite worth it.

I would so love to try The Link @ Shangri-La some day again. Went there for dinner buffet a long long time ago. It's probably one of the best buffet around, albeit being one of the most expensive though. 

The sunday brunch at Hilton seemed quite good a deal as well, and it has free flow of champagne - Moet & Chandon.

Talking about food makes me hungry once again.

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