Sunday, October 26, 2008

Went to watch High School Musical 3 on Friday.

Waited so long for the show. The scenes were spectacular as usual and definitely on a bigger scale compared to HSM 2. Love the first song "Now or Never". A little dramatic I would say, but I still like it nonetheless.

Had to stay home to study this weekend as exams are around the corner.
The weather is rather humid and my room feels kinda stuffy at times.

Anyway, I just remember that I don't have my IC or 11B with me now. How the hell am I going to show it during the exams?
I'm not sure if they will accept my expired student pass, or do I really have to resort to bringing my passport.
I hope not.

It's 11pm now. Kinda feel like chucking my notes aside now.
Maybe I'll just study for another hour and I'll go to my bed.
It's Deepavali holiday tomorrow ! Maybe will have lunch with family.

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