Thursday, September 11, 2008

Life in camp has been really hectic these days, especially after Emmanuel left.

I barely have the time to go for lunch anymore. Well, it's not like I eat during lunch, but I'm usually so occupied with work that I forget it's lunch time.

I just feel that if we are all a TEAM like my boss claims, then why is she always ask me about everything and put me responsible for all of OUR work. Gosh..
I wish I could slack off as well, but the moment I do that, nothing will be done basically by others, because no one knows my work at all.
It's as if having a overly demanding boss who doesn't listen to us at all is not enough.

I guess I can only wait till the day I leave as well, just like Emmanuel.
On a brighter note, this vocation has been my dream since enlistment, and I guess it's still much better than what I have in the past.
So I shouldn't complain too much I guess...
That's probably what I try to convince myself everytime I hear the sound "Ng ah Ng" coming from that treacherous place in my office. *shivers*

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