Sunday, June 22, 2008

Labels or Love - Fergie
Love the theme from Sex & the City Movie...

Present for Mua...
I simply love the packaging of it...
The Little blue box with the white ribbon. Classic Tiffany. =)
and of course the ring.

I wish these were mine...!!!
* I look really spastic here* I guess that's the point. =P

None of these were actually taken from my own camera,
guess it's time I for me to take my camera out for a tour.

Bought a pair of new white shoes yesterday for $19.90.
It's a total steal.
My old pair of converse is simply turning too yellow.
No hard feelings there since I bought that at 39.90 also. haha.

Ooo.. Also got myself a toiletries bag yesterday from Planet Travellers to throw in all my stuff.
It's so much better than my current one, which is actually a pencil case.

Speaking of which, I do need to get a few decent pens.
I've yet to start writing in my planner yet.
I really need to start jotting things in it soon.

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