Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Had 2 medical appointments this week, so haven't been spending too much time in camp... yet. I'll be in camp for the rest of the week without any of my 'break'.

I'm still waiting for more sale this GSS and hopefully I can get myself some decent clothes and stuff. I've only bought a pair of berms and T-shirt this GSS. The tee was a steal from Banana Republic indeed, with additional discount for UOB card.

Oh, I also bought my supply of contact lens this week; Even with the year-end-long 'promotion' of 5 box get 1 free, it still cost me almost 300 bucks. Blame it that I prefer daily disposable lens. I don't want to risk getting any eye infection.

I guess that means that I wouldn't be able to afford a pair of shoes this month.

I'm still waiting for pay day.

And my promotion!! Where is it?
I want the back pay for my rank.
I hope there is.

Seems to me I need to start getting some exercise. I've been stuffing my face with food these days, especially at night. And because my house doesn't have much to get, I usually end up gorging myself with those junk in the fridge.

Thinking if I should get a new set of ear phones for my iPod. The rubber casing is coming off even though it's still working; I don't know how long it can survive.
The IT fare which is coming(12-15 June) is tempting me to get a new one.
Maybe I'll go take a look and see how much it cost first.
A set of new earphones is really not on the top of my shopping list this month.

I'm watching desperate housewives season 4 currently. I guess channel 5 will be airing it soon. I saw the advertisement for it on tv recently, but not too sure when it will premier.

Ok. Back to my show now...

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