Monday, May 5, 2008

I manage to catch 2 movies on thursday - Nim's Island and Harold & Kumar.

Nim's island was a disappointment I could say. It has A-list actors and actress, think Gerard Butler and Jodie Foster; It even has Abigail Breslin (Little Miss Sunshine). But the directing and set-up was just way too amateur, or perhaps just low quality production.

Harold & Kumar 2 was hilarious ... I bought the DVD of Harold & Kumar 1 today and just finished watching it. It was pretty good, this is my kinda movie... kinda like american pie but more witty.

Went to this Chinese restaurant at Chinatown for dinner today. The place is kinda funny, with interior deco that resembles an ancient chinese teahouse. The service was pretty good and hilarious as well, with the things they say when they serve food or greet you.
Food was not too bad, a little too greasy, but I guess that's the norm for authentic chinese food.

The previous friday felt like monday 'cause having to go back to work after a holiday simply sucks. But tomorrow's gonna be the real Monday, and it's probably gonna suck too.
I guess my medical appointment tmr may let it suck a little less. =)

Finally got a few more songs into my iPod. Kinda sick of all my old songs.

Anyway, it's 1230 now and I'm gonna crash. Gotta wake up at 6+ tmr again.

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