Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Today was one of the more relaxing days; I practically didn't do any work at all.
I was suppose to meet Jason and Kendrick for breakfast at Mac but Kendrick was late, so I ended up having breakfast with Jason alone. We took a cab to kranji camp from yewtee mrt station, which is pretty near in fact.

The e-Registry course was pretty relaxing, even though it's something new to us all. The tempo of the lesson was quite slow I must say, so I spent most of my time texting on the phone and day dreaming.

We shared a cab back to camp and went for lunch nearby before heading back to the office. I was suppose to help out with some work, but everyone was too busy to notice that I had nothing to do. Slacked around the office for a couple of hours before going to the toilet.. and I actually fell asleep in the toilet.

Had my dinner at subway alone 'cause I was a little too hungry to buy it home to eat.
These days my life is pretty boring I must say, but boring is always better than tiring or being stressful.

I think my haircut looks kinda weird when I don't style it, but no one has really commented on it so I guess it's not that bad afterall. Or perhaps I just have really kind people around me.

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