Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Feeling quite bloated from dinner just now. Brought my grandma to dinner at Hanabi at Bt Timah.
Had a little too much sashimi... Lol.

It rained rather heavily today afternoon and my No.3 was totally soaked. Finally got my haircut today 'cause there was change of command parade today so we were all released at 4.30.

Went to Kimage to get my haircut 'cause it was on the way home. Too lazy to travel to my usual salon. I wonder why they needed to wash my hair so many times though during the haircut. I'm not sure if it's a good or bad thing my mum didn't notice that I got my hair cut.

Anyway, I'm writing just because I'm waiting for the SATC video to finish loading.

Won't be going to camp in the morning tomorrow but will be heading to Kranji camp with the rest of the guys for some half day course. Not really sure what it's about though, heard it's some computer related stuff.

Just finish ironing my brand new No.3 for tomorrow. I hope my shoes will be dry by morning; I don't want to be walking around in damp shoes.

The thought of doing duty next week just freaks me out ... I hate doing duty!
7.15 must reach camp to draw keys and do a series of I-don't-really-know-what stuff and can only leave camp when everyone else left. How shitty is that!?

Have some trouble loading my pictures on Friendster, indeed Facebook is much easier to use when it comes to this.

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