Thursday, April 3, 2008

Oh well.. I'm on mc again, and it means that I couldn't wake up in time to go to camp.

What was I to do ?
Ok.. my chief obviously thinks I'm a bitch by now, but I can't help it.

It's not like we'll ever get her work done. I do produce work when I'm around, and that's more important isn't it..
Just uploaded some photos I took in the Singapore Flyer 2 weeks ago.

Quite lag these days 'cause I seriously don't know what to do when I turn the com on, nothing much to do or see online as well.

I quite dread going back to camp tmr, sure to face my chief's wrath. Life's gonna be harder...

I'm feeling so restless now, maybe it's cause of the humid weather, or the lag of things to do at home.

Just watched 2 dvds in a row, while picking on my lunch.

Totally no appetite today, yup, I ate like a couple of fries and drank a bit of coke. Shouldn't have bought the meal in the first place.

Ok.. upload more nx time. Going out for dinner..

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