Friday, April 4, 2008

Indeed, I will no longer be under my chief from Monday onwards. Heard that I've been posted to another branch. Uncertain whether it's a good or bad news yet, but I may get a new boss though.

I'm truly bored now. I've been pretending to look at the files placed in front of me since noon, and I'm still doing it now. Haha.. Luckily I have internet access with me here, so I can be typing this now.

OoOo... I miss the french food place at little india.. *hungry*

"It's jam!" - is the noise coming from the other corner of the office. Yes, we all can hear you that printer is jammed. Stop shouting will you, whoever you are.

Efficiency is obviously not a forte of the people around here, well, but I couldn't care less as well.
8 months practice of doing virtually nothing in the office while trying to look very occupied has led me to pick up the skill of entertaining myself in the office.
I just wish I would have a computer to use in the new office. Having one always helps in making myself look busy.

Oh.. I'm so gonna miss doing despatch, being able to visit all the different camps around Singapore. Not facing my boss all day in the office. Eating outside food for lunch. Oh.. all those perks.

It's 4pm now, supposedly I have 1 more hour till I can leave this place, but I doubt so, with ALL the work we have to do.

The people here really need to print ALOT of paper... Just within 10 minutes they've asked for 2 reams of paper from me. Goodness...

Anyway, I've yet to see Gerald and CC in camp yet despite being here for 2 weeks. being absent from this place for 3 months now, I almost forgotten how busy their life was, and all the day-off they can accumulate from those endless duties.

* 55 more minutes till 5pm...

I'm just rattling on 'cause I have nothing else better to do.

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