Sunday, January 6, 2008

This weekend seem to pass really quickly, and somehow I just feel that I didn't do much this weekend.
Went to White Dog Cafe @ Vivo to have dinner on friday with shawn after he came back from Indonesia that day. I would say the steak is better than the one I had on NY's eve.

Saturday was pretty much the same, went out with Yg and Ws to catch AVP2 at The Cathay. Walked aimlessly around town, bought some of my staple mag to make my dreadful life in camp a little more bearable.

Just heard from Ben that he's being posted to AMS course. I wonder why is he posted there to go for a spec's course when is still on mc after his surgery. Isn't he probably Pes C now ??
And coincidentally, that's the course I was suppose to go last year after I ooc-ed actually. Now that I've down pes-ed, would I still have to go there ?

No.... I don't wanna go for another course again. I'm on excuse from multiple stuff till mid next year and I'm already Pes C... Oh gosh.. I have a bad feeling that I would be posted to where Ben is also.
I DON'T WANT ... Why don't they just let me be a clerk and leave me alone. Gosh, i seriously hope my instinct is wrong. I just wanna be a clerk, is that so hard?

In such a terrible mood now. Partly 'cause of this and also 'cause of the fact that I have to book in in about 2 hour's time. Gosh. Where's my 8 to 5 job !!??

The sight of that annoying chap in camp is enough to spoil my day. I just hope he will be too busy to bother about me until I get posted out.

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