Friday, March 2, 2012

Coriander Leaf

Last week, S and I went to Coriander Leaf for dinner after his rave review about the bistro.
It's actually a bistro + cooking school,
so I was expecting a decent level of culinery expertise and creativity.
The food was not mind-blowingly great, but it was certainly above average and unique.

We had a glass of wine to kickstart dinner, and was served some fried crumbs with a hint of herb for appetizers.

The deco was quite nice and it was rather quiet when we went.
A great place for a romantic dinner or to catch up with friends without having to raise your voice in order to be heard amidst the noisy dinner crowd.
We also got a nice view of the river from our seats. ^^

If you look closely,
you can see a few students attending cooking class on the other side of the glass panel.
Most of the students were caucasian women though.
I sure hope we are not served food the students experimented with.

S had the beef kebab pizza.
I had a bite and it tasted pretty good.

S strongly recommended this dish so I tried it.
It was basically crayfish noodles with a special curry sauce.
The sauce was like a combination of laksa and mee siam - lime infused curry.
The sauce and crayfish was pretty good,
but I'm not such a fan of the egg noodles.

I would definitely like to visit this place again and try some of the other dishes,
like the appetizer sampler.

And dinner ended with Pistachio ice cream from a ice cream joint somewhere in Clarke Quay. ^^

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