Monday, November 28, 2011

All about Hermes

Even though it's called Herbag, I think it looks pretty damn good on a guy.
And it's also one of the more "affordable" Hermes bag, because it's leather+nylon.
I love the design and how light the bag is because of the nylon material.
But to be honest, I'm not such a fan of nylon bags, especially when it goes into the thousands.

Still, it's an option for those who wants a piece of Hermes.

I would very much rather bring home the CDC bracelet, even though it's grossly overpriced.
But then again, which piece from Hermes isn't priced ridiculously?

Even though the Birkin is known as the "Holy Grail' of bags, I have always preferred the Kelly.
There's something about it that attracts my attention.
Perhaps it is its structured and boxy shape, or it could be that it is more understated.

It is also more practical to carry around, with its shoulder strap.
I think it suits a guy more than the Birkin or HAC. Perhaps because it resembles a briefcase.

I absolutely love the color of the Kelly shown above. Not sure if it's beige or taupe.

And speaking of a briefcase, I must say this beige Hermes kelly briefcase is TO-DIE-FOR!
It encompasses all the things that makes the kelly bag oh-so-goegeous,
but it is also very masculine.
Great for work; That is of course if you are a high-power executive.

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