Monday, September 5, 2011

I've always been a fan of Balenciaga, simply love the texture of its leather goods.
In fact, I fancy their women's bag more than the men's, as the men's range doesn't have the 2 diagonal studs at the bottom, which in my opinion is what makes the design special.

However, I do find most of its designs a tad too feminine.
Well, for those who know me personally, you'd know that has never stopped me.
My main problem is that most of its bags doesn't have a long cross-body strap.
That is of course with the exception of the Velo.

I have to say I am quite smitten with the new colors this season, mainly Velo in Papyrus (as seen above).
Anthracite is a beautiful shade too, especially with rose gold hardware.

Prior to this, I am totally in love with Praline, and it is indeed a gorgeous color.
Unfortunately, it is prone to color transfer and dirt.
Being a slightly darker shade, Papyrus may be less prone to these problems.
And of course, as of all Balenciaga bags, the leather is extremely soft and is quite water-resistant.

Now the question is: Should I get Balenciaga Velo instead of a PS1?

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