Thursday, June 16, 2011

To be honest, I wasn't too excited when I heard about this trip to Malacca.
Been there twice a couple of years ago.
Don't remember much about it, except for the signature 'red buildings' and a few row of Nonya style shophouses.
Nothing much has changed since then. And I guess that's what makes it alluring.
Time seems to be at a standstill for this relatively quiet small town.
Unlike our fast-paced and ever-changing country, Malacca reminds me of Singapore in the 70s.

There isn't much to do, but the food is pretty good and affordable.
Had chicken rice balls at this tiny shop, chendol & laksa at Jonker 88, Nonya cuisine at a posh looking restaurant, and dim sum for breakfast at a noisy chinese restaurant along the road.

Much to my delight, the hotel(Baba House) and a couple of bars have Wifi.
Not too shabby after all.
Not a destination I will visit often, but I probably will come back every once in a while.

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