Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Cambridge Satchel Company

Yes, PS1 is still my love. But I should be a little more realistic, just for now.
The Cambridge Batchel is the next best alternative as it seems.
I actually prefer the designs exclusive to ASOS.

I simply adore the black & white batchel.
The contrasting colors, as YG puts it, is indeed very "look-at-me".
Will be wonderful when I start work next year.
However, I am concern that the white leather will stain easily.

The other 2 contenders are the black patent leather batchel and the mink patent leather batchel.
The black patent leather batchel is pretty sleek while the mink patent leather batchel is attention-grabbing.
I generally like bags in lighter shades or eye-catching colors as I am usually dressed in black.
The down side to patent leather stuff is that it runs the risk of looking cheap.
And that's what I'm most afraid of.

I'm also concerned about the bag's weight as it is made from calf leather.
Certainly don't want to be carrying something heavier than the content of my bag.

Decisions, decisions.... What should I buy?

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