Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I went to catch Indiana Jones on Friday. It was kinda what I expected it to be, and it has been that way since forever. Cate was very good though, as usual; I love her fake Russian accent.

Slept really late on Friday, no I meant Saturday. I slept only on Saturday morning, all the way until 430pm.
Woke up and realise I have 6 messages on my phone. The guys wanted to meet at 4, but changed to 5 in the end. I only manage to reach town around 6.

Alison joined us for some GSS shopping and only Ws manage to get a shirt from Topman. But it was not technically part of the sale, 'cause the shirt was sold the it's normal retail price.
Ok, Topman did offer a 15% discount for UOB card though, so he ended up paying 70 bucks for that shirt, wasn't too bad a deal. None of us got anything that day, kinda disappointing. Haha.

There's still almost a month to go for GSS shopping. I'm excited about the sale but my wallet isn't. I'm planning to get a couple of nice top or maybe a pair of shoes if I can find one.

Alison left at 10+ and the 3 of us went to HMV for awhile before walking from Heerens all the way to Raffles City. Yes, we walked that far. We just kept walking and talking. We wanted to go to MonsterQue at Meridien initially but didn't went in when we reach there.

OoOo.. we bump into Weiliang at Meridien. We always bump into him outside I realise. One more time and I bet he thinks we're stalking him.
Finally we decided to take a cab home at The Swissotel 'cause our legs were just too tired to walk any further.

I had lunch with my family on Sunday at Grand Shanghai @ waterfront, grand corpthorne.
It was a terrible day... I was in such a lousy mood I barely ate anything for lunch that day.
That sunday was one of the worse day I've had this month. Don't really wanna dwell into it.

I still went to vivo with my parents after that to shop and chill out at the cafe there. Wasn't in the mood to talk at all.
But well, it's settled for now and I'm fine.

Weishan just called to tell me that he got what he wanted finally. or perhaps what I wanted as well. I just wish that things will turn out fine in June. Just let me have it already. Gosh.

I think I'm getting old, kinda need a lot of rest nowadays. I slept at 11 last night but I still feel very tired this morning. I don't know if sleeping earlier today will be of any help at all. Tomorrow is a full day in camp for me, No MA or anything. Sob...

I've finally finish watching Sex and the City, all 6 seasons. Just in time for the movie ... OooO.. get Carried away...

Anyway ... My tongue damn painful now. Think I bit myself in my sleep. Urgh!

I'm gonna go bathe now and try not to bite myself again.

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