Wednesday, February 20, 2008

2 more days till the weekend arrives again. My brother's leaving this Friday for Japan for a week. Yup, he's there for an interview with Toshiba.

Watching the last episode of Gossip Girl Season 1. I love such scandalous drama, like The O.C and Desperate Housewives.

I can't wait to change my phone 'cause my current one is so worn out. I'll need to use it for my 2nd line anyway once I get my new phone.

It's really kinda boring in camp these days where Ben and I are doing despatch on different days. He's doing on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, while I'm doing the other 2 work days.
That means I don't see him every day, well, except in the morning before he leaves or on days we come back on time to book out.

It's not so bad to be on despatch as time passes more quickly but when you're the one in camp, time crawls really slowly.
Well, it's not the worse job one could get in NS, given that I'm currently an admin staff, but I guess it could be better.
On the other hand, I'd rather much stay where I am now than to get my actual posting where it may or may not be good.

I've been telling myself that I'll try to sleep earlier every night but it seems like the earliest I could bring myself to sleep is 12midnight.
Hopefully today I'll sleep around that time too, and not at 1am plus like I normally do.

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