Thursday, November 29, 2007

First of all, I have a freaking ulcer in my mouth, near my lower teeth, and it hurts like mad. I can't stop licking the ulcer and my whole mouth just feels dry and uncomfortable all day. Horrible. I must have been bitching too much thus receving bad karma.

Finally on leave for this week, was waiting for this day all week in camp. Went to CausewayPoint to meet Yg for dinner. Wanted to get some toiletries and also a bag to put them into. Yes, after looking around I managed to find quite a gd toiletries bag. It was a cheap stationery case actually, but the size was great, plus it only cost 5 bucks.

Well, I'm watching re-run of Project Runway II on Tv now cause I can't sleep even at this hour. I just know I'm gonna feel horrible tomorrow since I don't feel like sleeping at all now. Getting abit of a sore throat now.

It's hilarious to watching this episode of PR II where what's-her-name did the "no trespassing" dress and zuleema was being a bitch by stealing nick's model. I loved that model, just too bad that she had to leave the show 'cause she was picked by a self-absorbed and uncreative designer.

Think I'm gonna go try get some sleep now. Really feeling horrible. I need herbal tea tomorrow.

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