Sunday, October 7, 2007

All the New stuffs !!

Hi.. decided to use Blogger again because L.J. doesn't allow Javascripts.

I finally got myself a fancy new camera.. The Sony T-200 !!

I must say the price tag is relatively huge but who cares if the camera is gorgeous and the photo-imaging capabilities are good. Well, I have yet to put it to the test but I'm a sucker for anything that's produced by Sony.

I gave up on the new Lumix Fx-33 'cause I felt that the 'iA', which is the new technology Panasonic came up with is kinda gimmicky. The only thing i like about that camera is the Leica lens and the 28mm wide angle lens. But Carl Zeiss lens by Sony is just as wonderful, except that T200 doesn't have a wide angel lens.

But it has a 3.5 inch touchscreen ! And truth be told, it's much more worth flaunting than the Lumix FX-33 which is kinda dull looking.

Can't wait for payday to come 'cause this new camera is even more than what I'm paid every month.

Hopefully I'll have more photos to upload here or to my Friendster account which have not received any new photos since... I don't even remember when.

Actually what I should be getting is my frenz a camera 'cause I realise I wouldn't be able to keep taking photos of myself with my own camera. I should get the people around me 1 so that I could actually appear in some of the photographs.

I can't wait to try out the new functions of the T200. It has gimmicks like the smile detection function which automatically takes a photo when the target on the screen smiles. Kinda amazing. But I'm more interested in functions like the 'soft focus', which allows novice photographers like us to take amazing looking photographs. It focus on the target and blurs out what's in the background automatically.

Oh.. I cannot wait to get the original screen protector when Sony gets their stock again. Went to Lucky Plaza to get a screen protector for the time being and felt so cheated when the screen protector doesn't exactly cover the whole screen, leaving like 2 mm of the edges exposed.

Even though the camera has a touch screen, is also means there'll be lots of fingerprints on the screen. I hate fingerprints on anything tt has a glossy surfaces.

Yah.. I think I have OCD. Even my bunkmates mentioned that my PSP is too clean and shiny to be true,especially when mine is one of the oldest PSP in the bunk.

Enough said.. Shall look forward to snapping some photos with my T-200. =)

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